Gaulhofer Ganzglassysteme für mehr Licht und Weitblick im Zuhause.




When closed, roller shutters, Venetian shutters and window shutters block out the sun and prevent heat from entering the house. This means your home always remains nice and cool. External sun protection is particularly effective. What many people don't know: In winter sun protection increases the insulation factor of the glazing by several percent. It does this by creating a cushion of air and reflecting more heat. Over the years this will save you a whole lot of money on your heating bills!


When the sun is low, for example in the morning or all day in winter, you may be bothered by glare – particularly when at your PC or simply relaxing at home. This best way of dealing with this is to completely darken the room with roller or window shutters. Ideally, you can even combine them with Venetian shutters to just let in a small amount of light. Something that's good to know: Where sun protection is concerned, Gaulhofer relies on experienced partners who offer top-quality for product and installation services as they have undergone detailed training in all Gaulhofer windows and balcony doors.


A side benefit of high-quality sun protection is the extra noise insulation effect when they are closed – roller and window shutters particularly excel here. Another advantage of activated shade protection that can hardly be overstated is that it makes life far more difficult for burglars. Denying direct access to balcony doors or windows makes breaking into your home a significantly more complex affair.



Pitch black if you want, with SPF 100 guaranteed – for a complete solution featuring roller shutters.

Details about Roller Shutters


Versatile all-rounder, which can be used to control light levels quickly and precisely, exactly how you want them.

Details about Venetian Shutters


The functional classic solution, which gets top marks in many areas while still looking stylish.

Details about Window Shutters
Gaulhofer Rollläden dienen als Alleskönner im Bereich Sonnenschutz.
Gaulhofer Raffstores dienen als vielfältiger Sonnenschutz.
Gaulhofer Fensterläden verleihen jedem Haus einen charmanten Look.

Ask whatever you want about perfect sun protection: We're ready to answer!

?What type of sun protection is right for me?

That depends entirely on your needs and lifestyle/habits. Your Gaulhofer consultant understands exactly what is important to each customer. Ask your consultant for detailed advice. This ensures you'll get the best solution to suit everyone in the family perfectly.

?Roller shutters, Venetian shutters or window shutters – which should I choose?

People who want their home to be absolutely dark are advised to go for roller shutters. For everyone else who find 99% darkness sufficient and prefer a bit more flexibility in terms of light management, Venetian shutters are the first choice. Affording perfect protection from the heat in summer is the trusty window shutter, which has proved its worth over the centuries and has now come back into fashion again.

?Where do I need which sun protection in the home?

Well, actually everywhere, given that, in summer, the European sun makes itself felt even on the north side of the house both morning and evening. You can however prioritise here: Should the bedroom have the greatest protection from the sun or is it rooms with large windows that need maximum privacy to prevent others seeing in?

?Can I combine different types of shade protection?

We in fact even advise this in many areas. Window shutters are unbeatable on the weather side of the house if you're looking for resistance to storms or severe weather conditions. Lighter level sun protection fitted inside the home offers additional protection from the sun if you find roller shutters make rooms too dark.

?Are electric drives and remote control available for my sun protection system?

A convenient electric drive and practical remote control are available as optional extras for most of Gaulhofer's sun protection products. This makes it simple to incorporate shade protection in a Smart Home system.

?How exactly should I look after my sun protection?

Sun protection systems also need to be cleaned. Besides sizeable areas such as slats, frames (where visible), guide rails or shutters, you should also keep areas with lift cords or hardware clean to ensure they will function properly for a long time.

?What service intervals should I observe?

Gaulhofer offers high-quality sun protection solutions from the premium brand Roma. They are therefore subject to the service and warranty terms of this company, as shown in the documentation (or online). Thorough cleaning should generally be performed twice a year, depending on the level of soiling or conditions of use.

?What should I do if something breaks?

If your Gaulhofer sun protection system is damaged by excessive force, possibly an extraordinary natural event such as gales for instance, just get in touch with your Gaulhofer specialist partner. In almost all cases your Gaulhofer partner will know how to repair such damage with little cost and effort.

?Why should I have my sun protection installed by a professional fitter?

It's perfectly simple: When sun protection is installed, this often involves accessing the facade – particularly on renovation projects. The professionals know what to watch out for to avoid any damage. Installation also includes many fine details, which may ultimately prove crucial to your ease of use over the years.

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