When it comes to material costs, uPVC-aluminium windows are more affordable than wooden ones, and processing is also more efficient, so making them attractive to customers or people engaged on renovation projects with an eye to price. And uPVC-aluminium windows don't lag behind wooden ones on the functional side either. In fact, when it's a question of design involving decors or colours, they clearly have the edge over wooden windows both inside and out.

Including where unusual geometric shapes are concerned.


At Gaulhofer uPVC-aluminium windows are made from high-quality materials that not only meet stringent demands in relation to stability and heat insulation, but are also extremely weather-resistant and resilient to high loads. Gaulhofer's production plant in Styria employs state-of-the-art technology and precision hand craftsmanship to manufacture premium-quality windows. And when it comes to climate protection, uPVC-aluminium windows are better than their reputation: They are made from recycled materials and can themselves be recycled again at the end of their lengthy lifespan. Gaulhofer minimises CO2 emissions during manufacture on a sustainable basis.


  • lower purchase costs
  • wide range of indoor finishes available
  • variety of shapes easily possible
  • minimal maintenance costs
  • no repainting necessary
  • easy to clean
  • aluminium cover shells with multiple fixing
  • sliding cover shell connections
  • safe disposal
  • easy to recycle


  • model S (steel-reinforced)
  • high heat insulation
  • suitable for passive houses
  • 3 aluminium shell designs
Details about Energyline 91


  • model E (PowerDur)
  • high heat insulation
  • suitable for passive houses
  • 3 aluminium shell designs
Details about Energyline 91


  • model P (foamed)
  • high heat insulation
  • suitable for passive houses
  • 3 aluminium shell designs
Details about Energyline 91

What you always wanted to know about windows: We'll answer your questions!

?Which window is right for me?

You can't generalise here. Your requirements first need to be clarified in the course of a professional consultation. What are you looking for in terms of energy, security or aesthetics? Your Gaulhofer specialist partner would be pleased to discuss your needs with you!

?Wooden or uPVC windows – which should I choose?

To put it simply: If you're more a natural type of person, wood is really the only option here. But if budget is an issue here, you'd be better served with uPVC windows, which are more affordable. Gaulhofer recommends you sign up for a detailed professional consultation with one of Gaulhofer's partners!

?How high should the U-value of my windows or balcony doors be?

From the viewpoint of energy technology: as low as possible. Gaulhofer's partners however always try to reconcile efficiency, construction technology, budget limits and personal preferences – to ensure a perfect solution for you!

?What benefits do aluminium cover shells have for windows and lift and slide doors?

Aluminium cover shells improve the level of weather protection and so significantly lengthen the life of building components. The (minor) increase in costs is really worth it. Cover shells additionally allow doors and windows to be colour-coordinated with the facade, so letting you put your own touch to the design. Ask for advice!

?How do I need to look after my front door or windows?

Both uPVC and wooden windows should be cleaned regularly, while hardware has to be oiled about once a year depending on conditions. Wooden windows need additional skilled care, particularly on the outside, depending on their exposure to the weather. Detailed information is available, either from your Gaulhofer partner or in Gaulhofer's care instructions.

?What service intervals should I observe?

This varies, depending on the product. Gaulhofer offers a manufacturer's warranty of some 30 years for wooden windows and balcony doors, provided that service conditions are observed. You can find further details in Gaulhofer's warranty guidelines, or your Gaulhofer partner will be pleased to inform you about the exact terms and conditions for the product you have purchased.

?Suppose my windows break?

Should your Gaulhofer windows sustain damage through mechanical influences despite their highly stable and resistant design, you are best advised to get in touch with your Gaulhofer's specialist partners. Our specialist partners are fully competent in terms of repair and can make you an attractive quotation for elimination of the damage.

?What are RAL colours?

RAL colours are defined as standardised colours distributed by RAL GmbH. The colour catalogue consists of 213 colours each of which is identified by a four-digit number.

Possible RAL colours for your windows can be found in our sample box.

?Why is only the best good enough for the installation of windows and front doors?

Even the best window or front door can only function to optimum effect and enjoy a full service life if installation is carried out by professionals, as this has a major impact on functionality. Gaulhofer's specialist partners guarantee that your Gaulhofer product will give you maximum satisfaction and retain its full value for years to come.

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