Gaulhofer Fusionline Holzalutüren bieten perfekten Schutz und eine großartige Optik.





Perfected forms, masterly segmentation, graceful lines and a harmonious whole. This is what characterises NATURLINE front doors in the DESIGN line. Customers will be delighted by details such as the precise, skilful grooving, which enhances the effect of the glazed panels. The upgraded sand-blasted finishes look particularly sophisticated here – attractive not only to the eye, but also to the sense of touch. Design appeals to all senses in form and function.



A stroke of brilliance for everyone who likes smooth surfaces and elegant reflective finishes. The NATURELINE front doors in Gaulhofer's STYLE series offer an almost 3D experience from outside – skilfully created by the tinted black glazing. The STYLE front door is characterised by sophistication: a stylish, truly understated look with a touch of luxury to it. These front doors constantly change their appearance depending on how the light falls on them, but are guaranteed to impress.



Timeless elegance and a liking for tradition: With a love of classical lines Gaulhofer has re-interpreted the trusty front door, offering customers an extensive selection of models with the KLASSIK series. Balanced segmentation for a coherent look is combined with skilfully executed details. Carefully coordinated: the different decorative glass elements. The overall impression is harmoniously rounded off by the expertly matched range of handles and hardware.

Gaulhofer bietet Deisgn-Holz-Alu-Haustueren für einen modernen eleganten Look an.
Gaulhofer Holz Alu Türen sind die ideale Lösung für ihren Eingang.
Gaulhofer Holz-Alu Türen im klassischen Design bieten zeitlose Eleganz mit Sinn für Tradition.

What you always wanted to know about front doors: We'll give you an answer!

?Which front door is right for me?

Once you have already clarified during a professional consultation what requirements your Gaulhofer front door is to satisfy in terms of energy or security, you may well then make up your mind based on look. Every time you go in or out of your house should be a pleasant aesthetic experience!

?Wood, wood-aluminium, uPVC , uPVC-aluminium or aluminium– which should I choose?

In short: Lovers of nature should always opt for wood with its warm look and agreeable feel. For customers who are mindful of costs but also want maximum freedom of design, uPVC windows are generally the right choice. We recommend aluminium for people with a more extravagant taste, who then also benefit from an exceptionally lengthy service life.

?How high should the U-value of my front or side door be?

All Gaulhofer front doors fundamentally offer very good insulation values, although higher-end models are of course also available for more stringent requirements. You should preferably ask your Gaulhofer specialist partner for advice in order to determine your precise needs and the options offered by Gaulhofer.

?What are the advantages of aluminium cover shells for my front door?

Aluminium cover shells hugely increase the level of weather protection for a front door. This is a particular advantage for wood, but also greatly prolongs the service life of uPVC front doors, ensuring a resistant finish that will look attractive for years to come. When it comes to variety of design, the wide range of colours also offers customers freedom of choice.

?How should I look after my front door?

As with windows and balcony doors, the frame and glass should be cleaned regularly with suitable products. It is also recommended oiling the moving parts of the hardware. Detailed information is available, either from your Gaulhofer partner or in Gaulhofer's care instructions.

?What service intervals should I observe?

The Gaulhofer warranty guidelines or Gaulhofer's specialist partners can inform you about the different service conditions for each product. We recommend observing them without fail to preserve the value of your front door and benefit from the full warranty. This way you will significantly prolong the life of your windows and front door.

?What do I do if my front door gets damaged?

Despite its extremely stable design and following professional installation, your front door may sustain damage through improper use, either over the years or if force is applied. In this case you should contact your Gaulhofer specialist partner!

?Which models of front door offer the best accessibility?

More and more front doors and above all lift and slide doors are offering options without any sill transition, but Gaulhofer also prioritises simple, effortless accessibility to guarantee unrestricted ease of use both children and older people.

?Why is only the best good enough when installing front doors?

Professional installation by a Gaulhofer specialist partner is essential, particularly in the case of rather complex building components such as front doors. If they are not fitted properly, relatively high stresses could be imposed on the hardware or locking parts, so causing the door to be used incorrectly and resulting in damage in the long term.

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